Professional Reports

PR10 Assessment of Development Results, Malawi: Evaluation of UNDP Contribution
Graham Chipande, Ephraim W. Chirwa, Blessings Chinsinga and Charles Jumbe
Independent National Evaluators, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Evaluation Office

PR09 Analysis of the Tobacco Industry in Malawi
Ephraim W. Chirwa
Prepared for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva

PR08 Exploring the Scope of Social Protection as an Instrument for Achieving the MDGs in Malawi
Ephraim W. Chirwa
Prepared for the United Nations Commission for Africa (UNECA), Addis Ababa

PR07 Delivering as One: Country-led Evaluation
Graham Chipande, Ephraim W. Chirwa and Pierson Ntata
Prepared for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Malawi and Government of Malawi, Lilongwe

PR06 Situation Analysis for a National Trade and Industry Policy
Ephraim Chirwa and Others
December 1995
Prepared for Government of the Republic of Malawi, Ministry of Commerce and Industry under UNDP TSS-1 Activity NC/MLW/95/01D/11r

PR05 An Economic Analysis of the 1995/96 Budget
Ephraim Chirwa, Chinyamata Chipeta, Max Thondolo and Flora Nankhuni
April 1995
Prepared for Hon. L.J. Chimango,MP

PR04 Malawi: Economic Background, Problems, Prospects and Analysis of the 1994/95 Supplementary Budget
Ephraim Chirwa, Flora Nankhuni and Max Thondolo
October 1994
Prepared for Hon. L.J. Chimango, MP

PR03 Smallholder Agricultural Credit Repayment Crisis: Summary of Findings of the Credit Repayment Study - Workshop Proceedings Report
Ephraim Chirwa
April 1994
Prepared for Centre for Social Research, Zomba

PR02 Ability and Willingness to Pay for Water and Sanitation Services: A Literature Review
Ephraim Chirwa and Max Thondolo
February 1994 University of Malawi, Centre for Social Research
Prepared for COWIconsult, Denmark

PR01 Malawi: Industrial Sector Opportunities - The Domestic Market and Market Structure
Ephraim Chirwa
January 1994
Prepared for Maxwell Stamp Plc, London, United Kingdom