Other Consultancies

Microfinance Expert: Malawi Financial Inclusiveness in Malawi
Ephraim W. Chirwa
February March 2008
Evaluation of funding proposals from Microfinance Institutions on behalf of the FIMA Investment Committee and drafting of funding guidelines and call for proposals. Commissioned by UNCDF/UNDP

Principal Analyst: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
Ephraim W. Chirwa
October December 2007
Drafting of the Malawi Agricultural Development Programme (ADP). Programme document of priority investments in the agricultural sector commissioned by the Government of Malawi.

Resource Person : Malawi Parliamentarian Training Programme
Ephraim W. Chirwa
Lectures on Economics and the Malawian Economy, Chancellor College, Zomba

Assistant Lecturer: Joint Facility for Electives Master's Programme
Ephraim W. Chirwa
July - October 1994
Lectures in Industrial Economics, Collaborative Masters of Arts in Economics, African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi, Kenya