Associate Consultants and Researchers

Dr Evious K Zgovu
BSoc.Sc (Econ), MA (Econ), PhD (Econ)
Economic Consultant

Evious has more than fifteen years of professional, research and international consultancy experience in International Trade and Economic Development policy analysis focusing on the experiences of Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) countries and Small and Vulnerable states. Extensive expertise and experience in: Trade and Development Policy Analysis;Design and evaluation of effectiveness of Regional Economic Integration in ACP countries;the design and implications of Economic Partnership Agreements; the design and implications of Free Trade Area (FTA) and Multilateral Trading System commitments; Customs reforms; Trade Facilitation in ACP countries; Cross-border trade; Preference schemes for developing countries; Rules of Origin;analysis of supply-side constraints;public works programmes, social protection and safety-nets, food security, microfinance schemes design and evaluation. Evious has published widely in international academic journals on international trade and economic development policy analysis particularly on regional economic integration, preferential trade agreements, preference schemes for developing countries and other sectoral policy analyses.

He holds a doctorate (PhD) in Economics from the University of Nottingham, England.

Mirriam Muhome Matita
BSoc (Econ), MA (Econ)

Mirriam is a Lecturer in Research Methods at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). Prior to joining LUANAR, she worked as a Social Policy Officer at UNICEF Malawi and as a Young Professional in UNDP Malawi. She has over 5 years experience in research, consultancy activities as well as project management work. She has since 2008 been part of the Farm Input Subsidy Programme Evaluation Team led by SOAS and Wadonda Consult Ltd with particular focus on econometric analysis. Her particular interests, skills and experiences include microeconomics, agricultural economics, and applied econometrics, commercialisation of smallholder agriculture, social protection and poverty analysis. Her works have led to publication of working papers.

She holds a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Malawi.

Dr Wezi Mhango
BS.Sc (Agric), MSc (Agric), PhD

Wezi is a Senior Lecturer in Agronomy at Bunda College Campus, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). She holds a Master of Science is Soil Science from University of Malawi, and a PhD in Crop and Soil Sciences from Michigan State University. Areas of research interest include cropping systems, soil fertility management in farming systems, agro-ecological intensification and participatory on-farm research. Wezi is a member of the Farm Input Subsidy Programme Evaluation Team (2012 - 2015) led by SOAS and Wadonda Consult Ltd.

She can be contacted on

Dr Hannock Kumwenda
BS.SocSc (Econ), MA (Econ), PhD (Dev Econ)
Economist and M&E Specialist

Dr Kumwenda (Hannock) is an independent development consultant and a highly skilled economist with over 24 years’ professional experience in monitoring and evaluation of policies and projects; development policy formulation and analysis; public finance; and food security and vulnerability assessments. Dr Kumwenda worked for 20 years with the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development in Malawi, rising from the junior to senior management levels in the Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation. He has worked on assignments for a wide variety of donors inside and outside Malawi, including SADC, the World Bank, DFID, UNDP, EU, and GIZ, on country assistance program and projects. He holds a PhD in Economics (2009) from the University of Malawi and is experienced in applying advanced research and analytical methods.

He can be contacted on

Massy Chiocha
Diploma Information Technology
Database Manager

Massy Chiocha has over ten years of working experience in Information Technology. He has gained this experience from working full time as well as from working as an independent Data Management Consultant for local and international organizations since 1989. His sectoral areas of interest are Program Development, Data Management, Data analysis, Data Supervision, Managing and Maintaining Local Area Network, and Minor Computer hardware and Software Maintenance. He has experience in developing data entry structures and database management with skills in data and statistical computer packages including CSPro, DBASE, SPSS, STATA and Epi Info.

Associate Researchers

WACO also relies on a pool of motivated and experienced researchers with expertise in various fields who form part of a team when needed. We have worked with other consultants in the field of education research, political economy and governance, community health, sociology and medical anthropology.

Research Assistants

WACO has a pool of motivated and experienced research assistants who support survey-based activities that we engage for field work and database management. The minimum educational qualification of our research assistants is the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE). Most of the research assistants have post-secondary school qualifications. We have the best trained Field Supervosors (in quantitative and qualitative methodologies) with local knowledge in different part of the country. Some of these research assistants have more than 10 years experience in field work management.